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The 1970s

Gay News 1972 detailFirst National Gay Newspaper
Spring of 1972 saw the publication of 'Gay News' which had the tag line of "The National Homosexual Paper".
Pride Announcement 1972 detailThe beginning of Gay Pride
The 'Lesbian Feminist' edition of June 1972 contains this article detailing an LA pride march 3 years after the New York Stonewall riots.
Sappho December 1972 detailProfessional hostility
This excerpt from 'Sappho' shows the homophobic reaction one could expect even when acting in a professional capacity.
Lesbian Tide Lesbian Conference Issue 1973 detailThe Lesbian Tide
The cover of this magazine best communicates the atmosphere of sisterhood that was prevalent at the peak of feminism.
Lesbian Wish List 1973 detailLesbian Wish List
While the images depicted here hint at the radicalisation of the LGB movement in the early 70s, much of the 'wish list' is as relevant today as it was then.
Sappho Scottish Minority Group Ad 1974 detailThe beginning of a scene?
The Scottish Minority Group was the euphemistic term that described the first gay and lesbian interest group in Scotland.
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