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The 1980s

Disabled Gays Guide 1981 detailDisabled Gays Guide
This guide detailed places, groups, events and activities available and accessible to disabled gay men and lesbians around the UK.
Clause 28 Public Meeting 1987 detailStop the Clause
Groups around Britain organised in opposition to Clause 28, trying to gain support outside the lesbian and gay community.
Haringey Anti-Clause 28 Journal 1987 detailAnti-clause Backlash
After the passing of Clause 2A, as it was known in England and Wales, in 1987, the gay community continued to protest.
Anti-Clause 28 poster 1987 detailMaggie's Secret Lover?
Another anti-clause poster aimed this time at stirring up support on the other side of the Atlantic to oppose the Clause.
Clause 28 1988 detailLocal Government Bill: Clause 28
This is a copy of the near final draft of Clause 28 that went through the parliament.
Video 28 Storyboard 1988 detailPride in Protest
Storyboards for a documentary called "Video 28" detailing some of the protest and activism surrounding the movement against Section 28.
AIDS and the Jewish Community leaflet 1988 detailReligious response
This leaflet demonstrates that not all religious communities stigmatised those with AIDS when it first appeared.
OUT Black Lesbians Leaflet 1989 detailBlack Lesbians
The LAIC has a large collection of material from lesbian and bi women of colour, mainly donated by Camden Women's Centre's Black lesbian group.
Esther Khan Leaflet 1989 detailEsther Kahn's EXTRA
The archive has a wide range of material from culturally diverse backgrounds. This leaflet is from a Jewish lesbian club night in London
Gertrude and Alice launch party leaflet 1989 detailGertrude and Alice leaflet
This Jewish lesbian theatre and cabaret night was a fundraiser for the 13th International Conference of Gay and Lesbian Jews.
AID Early Day Motion 1989 detailAID Early Day Motion
A debate that started decades ago carries on to this day about the eligibility of lesbian couples to access fertility treatment.
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