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The 1990s

Hackney Lesbian T-shirt 1990 detailHackney Lesbian T-shirt
As well as paper material, we also hold ephemera such as T-shirts from lesbian strength marches & related movements
Early 90s
Sour Cream fanzine early 1990s detailA woman needs a man, like...
Many of the ideas and acceptable structures of society were lambasted in small, self-funded and short-lived fanzines.
Stonewall Age of Consent Leaflet DetailAge of Consent
This booklet, produced by Stonewall in 1993, put forward the case for an equal age of consent for gay men.
Lesbian Avengers 'How To' 1993 detailLesbian Avengers Handbook
The Lesbian Avengers developed in North America from 1992 to "identify and tackle lesbian issues" through direct action.
Lesbian Avengers Leaflet 1994 detailLesbian Avengers
The LAIC has material from the Lesbian Avengers, the infamous direct action group that organised publicity stunts to draw attention to lesbophobia.
Mid 90s
Dental Dam Advice mid 1990s detailLesbians do what?
With most NHS advice aimed at gay men and cutting the incidence of HIV/AIDS, lesbians had to be more creative when it came to safer sex.
Mid 90s
Lesbian Line Dental Dam Holder mid 1990s detailLesbian Line Dental Dam Holder
Strathclyde Gay and Lesbian switchboard has some interesting ways of advertising - including this rather nifty dental dam holder!
Mid 90s
Theatre Quote mid 1990s detailAny Women Can
The loosening up of social restrictions saw lesbians developing and inventing their own culture and contributing to the arts where and when it was possible.
Lesbian Avengers 1995 detailLesbians Vs. Gay Men?
An article about one action by the Lesbian Avengers in London, pulping a run of an article deemed to have offended their cause.
LAIC article Pink Paper 1995 detailPublic Cash Saves 'Priceless' Archive
The Lesbian Archive and Information Centre (LAIC) moved to Glasgow Women's Library in September 1995.
LAIC Badge Collection detailThe Era of the Badge
Over the years, the archive has built up a large collection of badges that represent a range of feminist and lesbian issues.
Maya Vision Ad 1997 detailPublic Interest in a Private Affair
This advertisement for same-sex couples to come forward and share their lives resulted in the documentary "Glasgow Kiss".
Forth Friends 1998 detailForth Friends
"Forth Friends" was a LGBT befriending and information service that was active in the central belt in the late 90's.
Lesbian Entertainers GGLC 1998Lesbian Entertainers
Leaflet showing entertainment and events on at the Glasgow Gay & Lesbian Centre (later the Glasgow LGBT Centre).
Lesbian Line Training 1998 detailLesbian Line
The services available for lesbians in Glasgow had expanded beyond the occasional women-only disco and provided more emotional support.
International Women's Day GGLC 1998 detailIWD with the Lesbians
This leaflet from Glasgow Gay & Lesbian Centre announces the annual celebration of International Women's Day.
Red Ribbon Credit Card Ad 1999 detailRed Ribbon Credit Card
The 1990s saw a clear shift in media attention with the arrival of the 'pink pound'.
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